I am a stickler when it comes to nutraceuticals that I will recommend and/or personally use. Most companies use low-quality fillers and binders or other ingredients that may actually cause adverse reactions. The supplement companies I trust have long-standing history using the highest quality ingredients and do not cut corners when it comes to their products. These companies are also committed to providing cutting-edge formulations based on new and relevant science. They also use branded ingredients in their superior products.

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There are many products on the market claiming to be “the next best” thing. Few deliver on their declarations. In order to make my “cut” in what I believe to be the best-in-class a product has to provide valid science to back its claim of any results. The results from the product’s use also have to be reproducible across a wide spectrum of health conditions as well as reliable in its delivery of positive health effects. If a product has potential side effects that out weigh the benefits then it does not make the cut. Commitment to safety, quality, continual research and fair pricing are also important to me.


There are many practitioners that claim that their main focus is to “help people.” However, many are looking to prey on the sick and their insecurities. I know, as I had Chronic Lyme Disease many practitioners tried to sell me on their “program” that was not backed by science and was also insanely costly. The practitioners I recommend and refer to, I know without a doubt, are committed to helping their patients recover from illnesses and optimize their health. The people I put my trust in are loyal, honest and try to fit monetarily in with what is fair to both patient and doctor. This list of practitioners have been trained in several different specialties but all are leaders in their field.