Hydrogen water – The Fountain of Youth & Health

Hydrogen is #1 on the periodic table because it is the smallest element on Earth – but do not mistake its size for its ability. Hydrogen is three times more energy-dense than gasoline. It powers the sun, powers cars and powers our body. When two molecules of hydrogen are joined together it is referred to as H2 and exists as a gas in nature. Its small size and gaseous form allows for easy diffusion into the brain, gut, lungs, membranes, joints, eyes, ears, etc. where it produces widespread, safe scientifically-backed positive results. In fact, hydrogen gas has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on over 150 human diseases. In the Echo® Hydrogen Machine line-up, H2 gas is dissolved in the water. The water is the delivery vehicle for the H2 gas which makes it safe, easy to use and economical. Hydrogen gas is so powerful that the Japanese government has now approved H2 administration as an official medical procedure.

One of the ways H2 exerts its positive effects is that it is a selective antioxidant -only decreasing the amounts of toxic ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) in our body. Some ROS have important functions in the body, like nitric oxide but the Hydroxyl Radical (HO*) ROS only damages our cells and spurs on aging & disease. When H2 combines with 2 destructive HO* molecules, 2 water molecule are formed, which are harmless to our system. When functioning properly, our bodies naturally create hydrogen gas in the gut through normal fermentation and digestion of food. Unfortunately, many people have issues such as leaky gut, infections and a poor diet that prevent their gut from working correctly. The gut is the foundation of health and if it is compromised beneficial hydrogen gas will not be produced. This can lead to severe metabolic consequences such as free radical damage and increased bodily inflammation. The root cause of all disease involves inflammation. We can drastically decrease that inflammation with Echo® Hydrogen Enriched Water.

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