Inflammation is becoming an epidemic. Spurred on by our toxic environment, contaminated food, stress, EMFs and infections our bodies are constantly trying to regain balance and maintain health. One of the keys to lessening inflammation is by first correctly identifying it is
present. This means more than a taking a simple blood sample and measuring C Reactive Protein (CRP) or Sedimentation Rate and deciding if a person is in a state of inflammation or not. Well-trained functional medicine practitioners know this and look further into other tests to confirm states of inflammation. This is a list of markers that I personally use:

HA1c > 5.3
Uric Acid > 6
Alk phos > 90
AST > 26
ALT > 26
GGT > 26
Ferritin > 25
RDW > 13
WBC < 5 or >8
VLDL > 20
RT3 > 18 &/or ratios off
Fibrinogen > 350
Insulin > 8
high 1,25 OHD
Homocysteine > 8
CRP-hs > 1

*This list is neither sensitive nor specific but does give a better idea of overall states of bodily imbalance